I moved to New York in September of 1984 to apprentice under the, great hairdresser Marc Pipino of the editorial ‘80s salon Pipino Buccheri I apprenticed under Marc for one year, assisting him on various fashion shows including Perry Ellis,and Ralph Lauren,. I continued working at the salon for five years building my own clientele.
I started doing session work in 1988 first project working with Bruce Weber on his famed portrait like documentary on Chet Baker, ‘Let’s Get Lost.’ From there I began my editorial career which eventually led me to various stints in London and Milan, eventually settling in Paris for two and a half years. Returning from Paris in 1993, I started up my private clientele. I continued to balance my clientele with the fashion work and still do to this day.
I derive great pleasure from my work and feel fortunate that I have retained my enthusiasm and passion for hair and life. I started painting in 1993 working primarily in the medium of gold leaf mixed with transparent enamels and have had the success of having my home published in many periodicals. I have also had the opportunity of working on various film print performance pieces. Recently I worked on a feature length  fim entitled 'all that glitters
i did production design hair one of the 5 producers and i play a character called the mystic i di the hair on sleepwalkers an instillation at the moma
shot by doug aitken.i also worked on the oscar winning short called the new tenants  i recently added  the medium of photograohy to my repertoire
i have collaborated with fine artist elisa jimenez for the last 15 years working on various photoshoots and performances including an instillation at the museum of modern art in tucson
i derive great pleasure from all my artistic outlets and consider it to be a privilege to be able to express it on a daily basis
im thankful for my life health friends and family and very pleased to be blessed with such an exquisite journey